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Post by KathyP on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:02 pm

Does this ring true for today? This is from a speech given by George Representative Thomas Clayton in 1832 during the debate over the oppressive tariff act: “The South is attached, warmly attached, to the Union; not, it is true, for its money, for we pay all and get nothing; but it is for those free and liberal principles so dear to the rights of man; those principles that form the best security for his life, liberty, and property, without which neither union nor anything thing else is worth preserving.

“In the words of a great man, give us union, but give us liberty first. Do not deprive us of all our blessings under the empty sound of union. Do not steal from us our senses under the bewitching charm of union. Do not, like the Madagascar bat, suck us to death while you are fanning us to sleep by the cooling breezes of your widespread wings of union. We begin to understand all this delusion, and we are awake to the sufferings you have insidiously inflicted upon us by the talisman of union. If you will not withdraw your exactions, if you will not live with us upon the terms of equal rights, I tell you in the language of plain truth, to which, perhaps, you are unaccustomed, we shall certainly part from you and part, I hope, in peace. Then you may hug to yourselves your darling American system; then you may tax your people to your heart’s content; and then, if you choose, you may take to yourselves other gods; but, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord of Liberty and all the people of the South shall cry, Amen.”

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