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Post by KathyP on Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:04 pm

Something for Liberals and Northerners to think on, For over the last 150 years we Southerners have been continually and constantly ground down by the Federals, and now the liberal and PC crowd. Though the grinding is constant we are still here, we endure. You can not grind us into nothing. You can not grind and polish us to make us in your image. We will not be changed. We know that it makes a northerner distraught when they realize they have ground and polished, and they look at the result and they do not see their image staring back and regurgitating every ideal and ideology that they have spewed forth. You can keep it up but just like a piece of blue steel, we hardened ourselves and our hearts against you, and you will never break us. We are not like you, and we do not want to be like you, and we can never be made to be like you. What you people do not understand is that we loathe and despise what you think and how you act. Yes we sometimes smile and “bless your heart” and even say a prayer but we have not changed -  no not one little bit and you can grind away for another 150 years, and we will not be moved or changed.  And yes we will still despise and loathe all that you think and all that you do. May God save the South for the rest is already lost forever. Thank you Charles Reece for posting this in the SCV Facebook group

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