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April is Confederate history month I did not write this but I wish I had because it Reflects Me in Vivid Detail.~ I am a Southerner....I wont apologize. I Wont be Reconstructed. I will not surrender my Identity, my Heritage. I believe in the Constitution, In States Rights, that the Government should be the Servant, not the Master of the People. I believe in the right to bear Arms, the Right to be Left Alone. I am a Southerner. The Spirit of my Confederate Grandfathers Boils in my Blood. They Fought for not what they thought was Right... But for what was Right. Not for Slavery, but to Resist Tyranny, Machiavellian Laws, Oppressive Taxation, Invasion of their Land, For the Right to be left alone. I am a Southerner, A Rebel, Seldom Politically Correct, At Times Belligerent. I DONT Like Lincoln, Grant, Sherman or Modern Neocon Politicians like them. I Like hunting and Fishing, Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Bonnie Blue and DIXIE! I Still Believe in Chivalry and Civility. I am a Face in a Southern Collage of Gentleman and Scholars, Belles and Writers, Soldiers and Sharecroppers, Cajuns and Creoles, Tejanos and Islenos, Celts and Germans, Gullah and Geechi, Freedmen and Slaves. The South.... My Home... My Beautiful Home. My Culture... My Destiny... My Heart. I AM A SOUTHERNER! Deo Vindice

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